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Hi there!

Hey guys, new to the group and thought I'd introduce myself.

PC/PS4/PS3 gamer. Love a wide variety of games, but most recently I've been sucked into The Division. I'm really easy going, but I admit that when I get into a game I will make strange sounds/old person sounds during stressful moments! It's a reflex reaction I'm afraid :'D

In terms of online handles I have more than a few... Red is the most common, but you can call me Clod or Chloe if you'd like. 26 this May, female, from East Sussex UK. Other hobbies besides video games include riding horses - mounted skill at arms, horse archery... the fun stuff. I also have a dog that I might get distracted by mid-game.

Steam profile link:


Anything else you'd like to know? Ask me anything :)

Hi there Chloe,

It looks like you have many interesting hobbies :)

Whats mounted skill at arms, Archery on a horse or something? :P

Look forward to chatting in TS and playing division.


Howdy Clod :)

East Sussex, not too far from me :)

If see the steam group also most of the activity takes place there, but look forward to playing and having a giggle.


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