In-House Mini League

Logo-phoenixBF4 TDM in-house competition – 3 vs 3 squads with a consistent league and points system.
Events to be organised by teams with 2 rounds on one map – each squad chooses their preferred map on rotation. total points added up.

All members of LSAS are welcome to join in including all new chaps.


Main rules

The general rules that apply on all Battlefield 4 matches:

-No transport allowed.
-No baserape
-No exploits

A substitute player is allowed providing they are not in an opposing team.


Rules regarding allowed equipment;
– No flashlights.
– Lazers and torches are allowed.
– No explosives other than (handheld) grenades.
– No EOD bot, Tugs, MAVs, Spawn beacons. Motion balls are allowed.
– No shotguns
– No pick-up weapons
– You are allowed to use weapons from other DLC (expansion packs of Battlefield).
– No commander


Each round will last 10 minuetes with 300 tickets.

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