LSAS – TDM League Rules

Main rules

The general rules that apply on all Battlefield 4 matches:

-No transport allowed.
-No baserape
-No exploits

A substitute player is allowed providing they are not in an opposing team.

A 10 minute break between rounds.


Rules regarding allowed equipment;
– No flashlights.
– Lazers and torches are allowed.
– No explosives other than (handheld) grenades.
– No EOD bot, Tugs, MAVs, Spawn beacons. Motion balls are allowed.
– No shotguns
– No pick-up weapons
– You are allowed to use weapons from other DLC (expansion packs of Battlefield).
– No commander


Each round will have 50 tickets.
We will need a screen shot of the score board at the end of each round to enable us to add the players scores.